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Do you accept non-monetary donations?

We do not accept donations of food in kind. Monetary donations give us the most flexibility to meet the needs of the people we serve. However, we do accept donations of clothing and household items to distribute. Please contact to coordinate donations.

How is the Cuenca Soup Kitchen funded?

The Cuenca Soup Kitchen is 100 percent funded by individual donations.

Who operates the Cuenca Soup Kitchen?

The Cuenca Soup Kitchen is operated by long-time Cuenca Soup Kitchen volunteers and co-directors Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith with the tremendous help of our dedicated volunteers.

Do you work with other organizations?

Yes. The Cuenca Soup Kitchen partners with its sister foundation, Hearts of Gold as well as a number of other organizations and individuals on an as-needed basis.

How many people do you assist?

The Cuenca Soup Kitchen has expanded from serving 20 to 30 people once a week to providing food kits and other assistance to over 750 people. This is still only a small part of the need.

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